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A Work in Progress - Publishing Rough Draft

Take a Chace & Make Copyright Content Free

Youtube won a lot of distribution through viral syndication. They didn't care too much about what was published, just that it hopefully drew eyeballs and that some of it would get syndicated, building YouTube into a destination. The gravity and momentum that created (along with a loophole in the DMCA policy that allows them to host copyright work) built a self-policing community and lead to a $1.65 billion buyout by Google. Not bad for a company that relied entirely on user generated content.

The Courage to Fail Often

Five of the core benefits of open source software are

  • little to no built in business cost structure
  • lots of exposure due to being free
  • it is easy to help improve a project
  • many people who help build a project become advocates for and marketers of the project, reducing marketing costs to ~ $0
  • if a project stops being maintained but is a good idea others can run with the idea (Wordpress was built off of the B2 core)
  • the cost of failing is negligable

eBay's Broken Feedback System vs the Entire Web - Who Will Win?

Nick Carr, known for provocative titles, recently posted Was eBay a fad?, which highlights how this year eBay may do more fixed price business than auction business.

Many factors led to the demise of their auction income

  • increased fees that lowered sales profit margins and drove away legitimate merchants
  • improved eBay search features that made buy it now purchases easier than waiting out auctions

Understanding How the Density of Social Networks Influences Search Engine Marketing

In the search market a guy like Danny Sullivan has such a dominant marketshare that he will never be replaced until he decides to retire. He...

  • blogs almost every day
  • produces conferences
  • features other well known people in the industry as guest writers on his site or as speakers at his conferences
  • has built relationships in the industry for over a decade
  • gets exclusive news from some of the search companies

Social Capital: Bonding Capital vs Bridging Capital

Bonding capital is a form of capital associated with people who share common demographics such as age, religion, race, or political beliefs.

Bonding capital allows the formation of deep trust - the type of trust you have for a wife or child. This sort of trust is needed to get people campaigning for a political candidate, or for getting friends to being willing to loan you a lot of money on a promise.

Social networks consist of tight clusters of people with commonalities and people who bridge such groups to bring people together.

The Art of Content Recycling (or Save the Ethics for Later, Please!)

I recently wrote a blog post about how some nefarious domain registrars are hijacking unused subdomains on client domains for PPC ads and linkfarming. Someone then commented on my site "No wander it happens, because of the splogs." They then linked through to their related blog post about splogs. But then their site sold a service to generated automated machine mixed content to post on hundreds of sites. And their post about the splogosphere was stolen, as their next post was (and probably the prior post too).

Opportunity Cost & Errors in Social Interaction

If you sell a product people have some level of expectation of value. The lower your price point is the more angry, lazy, and really demanding customers you will get. And, if your customers have virtually no ongoing opportunity cost to communicate with you, eventually those market forces will drive the value of your services toward $0. If you build a real brand you must use price to regulate demand, and if you offer an ongoing interactive service you need to charge recurring to maintain those relationships.

Why Another Marketing Blog?

I have spent over 4 years blogging about SEO (search engine optimization), but as I have grown to learn that marketplace and more about marketing in general I have appreciated that

  1. when young and naive with limited market experience it is easy to incorrectly write with authority due to having limited experiences (many yes or no answers should be "depends")
  2. there are few universal truths (and those truths are some combination of the following: complex, expensive, or about to change)
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