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Using Popular Bloggers as Defaults

Good video on Allen Stern about how popular tech bloggers think a new system is exploding because of their own experience with it. FriendFeed made a few popular bloggers system defaults. So the recipe for rapid growth and a decent pay day goes like this:

  • Come up with an idea that has social elements baked into it so it can grow rapidly.
  • Reach out to a couple self-promotional thought leaders and get them to try your product. Hopefully you can get a mention too.
  • Get a bit of market traction.
  • Manufacture social proof of value through the use of default settings (FriendFeed), quadruple counting outbound referrals (StumbleUpon), or other similar strategies .
  • Get coverage for how wonderful you are and how you are growing so much faster than competing services.
  • Get a lot of users.
  • Wait a year or two and sell to Yahoo! for 9 figures.