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Linkfluence Measuring Blogs in the 2008 United States Presidential Race

Linkfluence's Presidential Watch 2008 offers an interactive map of 500+ leading political blogs.

The big issue with their graph is that is so dense with data that it is hard to see any indivdual edge on the graph, even when chosing to only display mutual / reciprocal citations.

You can get a good idea of the top political blogs just by reading them for a few hours, searching Google for queries like liberal blog, looking at blog awards, or by visiting Technorti's list of political blogs. The breakdown of liberal vs conservative is quite obvious as well, given past research like Divided They Blog [PDF].

What would make such a Presidential Race graph really interesting (and useful) would be the addition of advanced filters. Who are the x high authority liberal blogs that frequently cite conservative websites?

Also worth pointing out the brilliance of this form of marketing. Give your product away to a talkative bunch. It is similar to how Social Browser launched with 500 invites on TechCrunch today.