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The Importance of Positive Energy & Attitude in Business

Revealing Questions

Some questions have absolute answers that are easy to determine, but many questions which are complex beyond our understanding have no easy answer. For such questions the answer to such a question reveals much more about the person than it does the world around them. For example, Vernor Vinge is positive about the concept of singularity, which perhaps explains why he was chosen as a source to be interviewed (after all - if you are negative about something then what are the odds you will stick with it long enough to be a noted topical expert?)

Fear as a Market Regulator

Beyond such questions even casual language can reveal a lot. I am often frustrated and uncertain with myself...though I have little need for such thoughts and emotions I think perhaps keeping a chip on my shoulder prevents me from becoming too comfortable and complacent.

Positive Energy Builds Momentum & Profits

Generally fear is a net value destroyer though. Having a positive attitude is important if you want to have a sustainable business model:

  • if you do not enjoy what you are doing you will eventually get burned out
  • if you put out negative energy you attract negative people who will further scare off people with positive energy
  • with so many choices in what to consume there is little reason for people to want to stick with a negative channel outside of novelty and bad personal experiences
  • given our personal interactions with others and personalization algorithms we keep coming across what we already believe to be true
  • it is hard to build anything of real lasting value based on negative energy

Filtering Out Negativity

And you can not only thin slice answers, but you can also learn a lot from how questions are framed. Yesterday via email a person asked me for help generating leads stating that his cold calling was not working and

  • he needed money to fight his cheating ex in a custody battle
  • his job sucked
  • his job market sucked

with that much negative energy you can't do much for them though. You can try, but in most cases you are far more likely to get dragged down than you are to lift them up. If everything around you sucks then the problem is internal.